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Social Innovation Action Programme (Senior)

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Social Innovation Action Programme (Senior)

Social Innovation Action Programme Senior

Age group:15-18 years (Second level schools - Senior Level, Youthreach or youth organisations)
Duration: Academic year
Suits ROI: TY, 5th years, LCA, LCVP & QQI
Suits NI: Key Stage 4, Year 13, Learning for Life and Work (Local and Global Citizenship and Personal Development)
Cost: €15 per student

Social Innovation Action Programme (Senior) is a youth led, team based, action focused programme for young people aged 15-18 years. Working in teams, social innovators are challenged to identify a social issue affecting them, their communities or wider society and to come up with and implement creative solutions. Each year, thousands of young people throughout Ireland tackle issues such as health, equality, poverty, exclusion, human rights, safety, the environment.

How it works


The programme is facilitated by educators (YSI Guides) who offer encouragement, support, tools and advice to help teams reach their full potential. Over the course of the year, two regional in-service training sessions are offered to YSI Guides as well as the ongoing support and mentorship of our dedicated education team. Every team is invited to one of our exciting Speak Out events at which participants have the unique opportunity to advocate, present their innovations and ideas to other young innovators from their region, YSI Panels and invited guests.

If you are interested in taking part in this programme in 2017/18 we would love to hear from you.

Daniel Mannion, YSI Guide
"My initial impression was that it seems to be very focused on the young people doing the work, it seemed to be them driving it, we were just stepping back and acting as a guide, obviously helping them along but it was their project and it focused on what they would like to achieve. I absolutely loved that approach."
Daniel Mannion, YSI Guide