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Social Innovation Action Programme (Junior)

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Social Innovation Action Programme (Junior)

Age group: 12-15 years (Second level schools - Junior Level)
Duration: 10 weeks (approximately)
Suits ROI: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year
Cost: €5 per student

Social Innovation Action for Junior Cycle is a new offering from Young Social Innovators. It aims to enable young people to understand social innovation and how it can help to address social issues. The programme allows participants to use their talents to make a difference.

Social Innovation Action for Junior Cycle creates an engaging, interactive and fun learning experience and develops important life and social skills for students.  Developed from YSI’s learning at senior level, it provides ideal tools for CSPE, RE and SPHE project work or other subjects with a community based action element. It has been designed as an online resource that teachers can take and use with a group of students.

Online resources accompany this programme including guidelines, tools and lesson plans. The programme is ideal for action based work within CSPE, SPHE, RE or other subjects and can contribute to building your school’s Wellbeing Programme.

How it works

Junior Process

If you are interested in taking part in this programme in 2017/18 we would love to hear from you

Caitriona Cunningham, Teacher
"An exciting new programme from YSI which is engaging and fun for students and a good way to develop innovative skills early on"
Caitriona Cunningham, Teacher