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Becoming a YSI Guide

Teachers & Educators

Becoming a YSI Guide

Young people are guided on their journey by an educator (YSI Guide) who o­ffers encouragement, support, and advice.

The educator guides students through the social innovation pathway with the help of our resources and with support from our dedicated education team.

As a Guide, your role is to facilitate and guide the learning and to create an environment where young people feel empowered to lead social innovation. YSI’s role is to support you and give you the necessary resources and tools to do this.


We provide in-service training throughout the year along with resources to educators who plan to facilitate youth led social innovation teams.


Attendance at our key workshops and guiding a YSI team to programme completion gives eligibility for Certification as a YSI Guide. A special ‘Let Them Shine Award’ is awarded to YSI Guides who have been involved in facilitating programmes over a number of years (5 and 10).

Niamh Sheridan, Teacher, YSI Guide and Facilitator
"Being a Guide has given me some of the highlights of my teaching career. I always say that but it’s true. I have seen students blossom, grow and develop, tackle issues and really make a difference. There’s been good times and bad times, but there’s always learning and they love it. So I feel very lucky to be part of it."
Niamh Sheridan, Teacher, YSI Guide and Facilitator