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About Us

What We Do

Young Social Innovators fires young people’s passion to change the world for good!

That’s our vision.

We do this by harnessing the energy and passion of young people to tackle social issues affecting them and their communities and empowering them to bring about positive social change. 

We invite young people to examine the world through a new lens and to reimagine the type of society they would like to live in.

We challenge them to turn their own wisdom and ideas into action to bring about a more caring, equal and fair world.

We do this by


  • An understanding of youth led social innovation
  • Knowledge of social innovation education and its benefits


  • A network of young social innovators in Ireland and beyond
  • A learning network of educators and organisations


  • Excellence in youth led social innovation
  • The impact of social innovation on communities


  • A range of social innovation programmes for young people
  • Training, resources and professional development opportunities for educators

Recognising and rewarding

  • Excellence within our community.