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About Us

What is Social Innovation?

We define social innovation as

“the practice of using creativity to develop solutions which improve the well being of people and society” 

Young Social Innovators

This practice promotes collaborative action, creative thinking and innovative action to address social need.  It uses the experience and insight of those impacted and those concerned to come up with new solutions and approaches.

Social innovation is a way of making change

How you make that change is as important as what change you want to bring about. Successful social innovation is informed and characterised by the values of empowerment, fairness, inclusion and well-being. In fact, the purpose of social innovation we believe  is to bring about a fairer, more equal world!

Social innovation can help to address local, national and global challenges in our world. Inequlaity, poverty, climate change, racism, unemployment, suicide, mass migration, integration, loneliness, malnutrition are challenges to us all. 

Social Innovation Education

We need, more than ever, to understand how to bring about real and lasting change. We need more than ever, to harness people’s passion and desire to create a fairer, more equal world. Our belief is that by learning social innovation - how to innovate for social good - we give people the tools to bring about the change that is needed.

YSI promotes the learning of social innovation. We believe everyone can be a social innovator – that’s the good news! We also believe, that like other talents we have, that if its harnessed and if given a way to develop, then we are better equipped and resilient to meet the challenges we have today. 

YSI has developed a unique model of social innovation learning. It has a language, structure, it has best practice and evidence which it shares with educators and young people. So far, over 100,000 young people in Ireland have used this model. YSI makes social innovation accessible to young people and makes communities benefit their social innovations.