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About Us

Our Model

YSI has developed a model for social innovation. This is what we have discovered is good practice or pedagogy for social innovation, ie the principles, practice and learning of social innovation. It has four key and interrelated dimensions: the experience of the learner; the values; the pathway and the elements which help understand and  reflect on social innovation. 

YSI’s model makes social innovation more accessible to people. It provides a deep understanding, experience, principles and practices which enhance both the process and outcome of social innovation. The YSI model provides a shape, a language and meaning which makes social innovation a powerful learning and developmental process for all people, young and old !

Rachel Collier, Co-founder  & CEO, Young Social Innovators

The YSI model has 4 dimensions

Experience for the learner

YSI recognises two learners, the young person and the educator and provides a powerful learning experience for both.

The pathway of learning

Our pathway of learning includes the following stages

  • Explore & Create
  • Act & Reflect
  • Test & Adapt

The values of social innovation learning

Social innovation is value based learning and practice. The way social innovation is facilitated is important. It should be infused with values of human rights and responsibilities, of participation and fairness, of respect and empowerment.

The elements for understanding social innovation (4 C’s)

  • Care
  • Co-operate
  • Communicate
  • Change
The power of the YSI model

Each dimension of the YSI model is vitally important for social innovation learning. When all 4 dimensions of the model are practised, the learning is extremely powerful. Amazing outcomes are experienced by individuals, teams and the community as a whole.