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Happy Christmas from the YSI Team!

Daniel's custom Christmas themed artwork

Below is the account of Daniel, a 4th year Transition Year student who spent a week working with the Communications and Experience Team in YSI HQ and gained valuable experience in creating content for social media. We asked Daniel to keep a diary of his work. Check it out!

Day 1

I started my time in YSI at 6am. I took the 7am bus to Dublin and got to O’Connell Street at about 9:30, as Monday traffic to Dublin is psychotic.

I met Kate and the rest of the YSI crew at DCU Alpha, Glasnevin and then I was brought into the new Social Innovation Lab by Kate to get a run-down on what YSI is about. She showed me an introductory presentation on what I could work on, and then she asked me if there was anything I would have an interest in doing. I said I would be interested in doing anything to do with like art or design, so Alan, the Creative Communications Coordinator, suggested I make some sort of promotional material for the YSI social media channels.

We brainstormed until we decided on making a festive-themed animated video, so I started sketching out designs for the day, until we settled on a final design, which was basically something roughly like this:

I had decided to have the letters “Y”, “S”, and “I” to be the focus of the image, with Christmas related imagery adjacent to them. This obviously develops much further in the week, which you’ll see if you read on, and I’m sure you will, I have faith.

Day 2

Day 2 started much the same as Day 1 - I again had to rush to YSI on time against the impenetrable force of rush hour traffic, but that presents the question, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Daniel Groome gets to his work experience only 10 minutes late, that’s what.

This day was a very productive day, as I had moved on from a sketch to working on the proper lineart and shading, which I made considerable progress with.

Day 3

On Day 3 I actually wasn’t present in the YSI office, as I was at the NCAD open day, which was very informative and enjoyable, however the contents of my day constitute nothing to a social outreach summary, so that is all I will say on that matter.

Day 4

Now boom, day 4 is when I kicked things into overdrive, as I had to make up progress-wise for missing a day on my graphic, so I worked pretty much non-stop from 10am - 3pm on the artwork, taking about 30 minutes break in total for much needed bathroom breaks and sustenance to continue being conscious/alive.

The majority, or should I say all of my work was getting the colouring and shading done, which was really the pièce de résistance, as it gave the poster a huge amount more “pop” and life. I’m pretty proud overall of my work, and I think it’s definitely the best I could’ve done in the time I had.

In conclusion, I hugely enjoyed my week working with YSI, I definitely enjoyed the work the most.

As someone who wants to work in the art industry, It was a fantastic opportunity to actually create a piece of content for an organisation to use for its actual official marketing that people will see.

Not only is it something that YSI can use to promote themselves throughout the Christmas season, it's also great experience working in advertising for me, as I would like to do some type of advertising work in the future.

The YSI Team were also fantastic to work with, everyone being so easy to get along with and have a bit of craic with too. I would definitely say that this has been my favourite work experience so far, and one that I learned a huge amount from and hugely enjoyed.