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Junior Social Innovation Action Programme

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Junior Social Innovation Action Programme

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Age group: 12-15 years 
Duration: 20 hours 
ROI: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year
NI: Junior Wellbeing, CSPE, SPHE, RE, Career Guidance
Cost: €5 per student

This programme brings youth-led, team-based innovation learning to Junior Cycle students and allows participants to explore social issues and understand social innovation as a way of addressing challenges we face today.  

Young people will discover and understand their own capacity for effecting change and they will be encouraged to use their creativity and insights to take action on an issue they care about.

The NCCA’s Junior Cycle Wellbeing Programme began in 2017 with 300 hours of timetabled learning in Wellbeing over the three years of Junior Cycle. This will build up to 400 hours for each student by 2020 as the new Junior Cycle builds within schools. 

Caitriona Cunningham, Teacher
"An exciting programme from YSI for Junior Cycle which is engaging and fun for students and a good way to develop innovative skills early on"
Caitriona Cunningham, Teacher