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Valuing Teachers and YSI Guides

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Valuing Teachers and YSI Guides

Training in the YSI framework for social innovation together with guiding a team qualifies a teacher for YSI Guide Certification.

We value the dedication and commitment of teachers who deliver social innovation education and our recognition system demonstrates this:

  • YSI Guide Certification is awarded to teachers who attend our requisite training and who support a team of students through to programme completion.
  • A special ‘Let Them Shine Award’ is presented to YSI Guides who demonstrate a longer term commitment to promoting and facilitating youth led social innovation (five and ten year awards).

Visit our Teachers & Educators section to learn more.

I am incredibly inspired by the students I have had the honour of mentoring this year for YSI. I feel that I have gained immensely from engaging with this project and have learned so much from them just by letting them take the lead and helping them reach their full potential.

Shelly Whelan, YSI Guide