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Young Social Innovators is committed to helping young people sustain innovations and promote social entrepreneurship. Through the YSI Den, a Social Innovation Fund is made available to groups who successfully pitch for assistance to support or develop an idea, product or enterprise.

The various supports that can be requested include money, means and mentoring. Following a successful application, a maximum of three representatives will be invited to pitch to a panel who will decide on the allocation of the funds and supports. Criteria for this include the ability of the team to show development, sustainability, passion and high impact.

Money: Teams can request financial support that allows them to implement their ideas and plans. The average funding received is between €300-500. Successful teams will receive 75% of allocated funds at the Den and the remaining 25% when they complete a brief update report and provide receipts. 

Means: Teams can request a specific support that allows them to progress their project. For example, teams may ask YSI to help them build a relationship or secure a venue to hold an upcoming event. Teams that have been allocated this type of support will be contacted by YSI after The Den to make arrangements. 

Mentoring: Teams can request expertise to support, sustain and develop their project. YSI will try to match your team with a relevant person or organisation who can provide this support.

YSI Den 2019

Applications for YSI Den 2019 are now closed.