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Programmes & Initiatives



  • Be part of a nationwide movement which showcases young innovators.
  • Host an event in your school
  • Invite people from your local community
  • YSI will support and amplify your initiatives through various media platforms.

This is YOUR opportunity to showcase the brilliant work you’re doing in your schools and communities and OUR opportunity to showcase a nationwide movement of social innovators.

We’re inviting schools to host an event during the second week in April that celebrates all the work your students have done in the area of social innovation and social justice. The event itself should be, as far as possible, planned and carried out by students. We’re leaving things deliberately flexible, so that you can host an event that suits your school. It could be held throughout one day, a lunchtime or even after school. The scale of the event is also up to you. You could involve other groups in your school, partner with another school in your area, or invite members of the local community, such as local politicians or businesses to get involved.

To help you out YSI will:

  • Provide resources to help you get started and organise your event. We’ll send details of successful events that have been held in the past and provide resources that might inspire your students to have their own ideas.
  • Support your event by promoting it through our social media channels. This will allow your students to see that they’re part of a bigger movement and inspire them to plan and host the best event they can.

We really believe #YSIweek can become an important event in the school calendar and hope that as many schools as possible get involved.