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Why Get Involved?

Social Innovators

Why Get Involved?

Innovation is something that everyone can do!

There are many reasons to get involved in YSI.

As a young innovator you’ll be challenged to look at the world around you and to identify and explore issues affecting you, your friends, your community and wider society. More than just coming up with a solution, you will be asked to put that idea into action and to create change. You will see other perspectives, using your own expertise and creativity to design solutions based on real human experience and need. You will gain real experience working in a team and develop skills in leadership, communication and project planning and management.

Use your wisdom

During the YSI experience, we want you to identify and develop your own wisdom, strengths, talents and take action in a way that not only makes a difference but is also fun! We truly believe that everyone has the power to be an innovator. By working with your friends, teachers, educators and other members of the community, you can be a force for social good.

Develop your skills

YSI is committed to helping young people to develop  21st century learning skills including:


  • Ability to seek solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership


  • Self awareness
  • Awareness of social need
  • Appreciating difference
  • Coping strategies

Self Esteem

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication 
  • Community
What is social innovation?

Social innovation is ‘the practice of using creativity to develop solutions which improve the wellbeing of people and society’.

Young Social Innovators

Becoming a social innovator

A social innovator is someone who uses their creativity and talents to make a difference. Working with others in a team you explore an issue of concern, get to understand it and come up and do something innovative to address that concern.

You can do it!

Jack, YSI Alumni
"If I was writing my CV in the morning, the first maybe 5 or 6 things that I would be put on it, I just realised are all from YSI. If I didn’t do YSI, then I wouldn’t have this, this and this."
Jack, YSI Alumni