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Speak Out Tour


Speak Out Tour


The YSI Speak Out Tour brings together all the young social innovators in Ireland in any one year.

Those who are actively engaged in changing the world for good and participating in the YSI Action Programme (senior level) come to our regional events to Speak Out. If you want to know what people care about and what young innovators are doing to change our world, the Speak Out Tour is where its at every year in Ireland.

What is a YSI Speak Out?

It’s a way for YSI teams advocate for change! If you want things to change, then you need to get people on board with your idea; tell them what needs to be done, why and how your idea is going to make a difference. An idea on its own won't change things unless it becomes reality. YSI teams come to the YSI regional Speak Out events and present their very own Speak Out to an audience of peers and local communities.

How do you take part?

As part of the Social Innovation Action Programme (Senior) all teams are invited to an exciting Speak Out event where you will meet other innovators and present your project and your innovative ideas.

You’ll have 2 minutes to make your presentation which will be listened to by a YSI panel and an audience of other young innovators.

Get attention!

You can present your social innovation in any creative way you choose. For example, some teams use music, costumes, visuals and props to help you get their message across. It’s just important that you effectively communicate what social issue you addressed and why and what you did to create positive change. These events are a great way to see what other teams are doing to tackle various social issues, to share ideas and to realise that you are part of a bigger community of innovators all working to create change.

How to book

We allocate all teams to specific regional Speak Out events and let you know around November each year. To secure your place, you need to confirm that you can attend the allocated event and let us know how many of you will be attending.

For further information please email us.