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The role of the YSI Guide

Teachers & Educators

The role of the YSI Guide

The role of the YSI Guide is to facilitate a team of young people on their social innovation project, you will lead the following aspects of learning:

Facilitating youth led learning

You facilitate youth led learning - this is learning by doing and is critically important to the YSI model. The educator allows the team of young people to explore the social issues which they care about. As a team they will decide which to work on, the decision is theirs.

Recognising talents, views and expertise

The social innovation process recognises and uses the talents of all team members. Your role as a Guide is to help them reflect upon and identify the talents and skills of all its members.

Emphasising Participation and Inclusion

All YSI projects are completed by teams. As a Guide, you ensure that everybody is included in the processes and decision-making of the YSI project.

Supporting all abilities to shine

Social innovation suits all abilities. Our model works well for young people with varying academic abilities. The Guide encourages all team members to shine.

Blending the learning

We encourage you to use a blend of learning methods and tools including digital. Digital can range from video, photography, online surveying, film, social media, internet research and so on. 

Facilitating different perspectives

Social innovation learning encourages debate, reflection and often challenges the status quo. You, as the Guide ensure that different perspectives are heard, considered and respected.

Creating a learning space

Your job as a Guide is to set up a physical learning space that is conducive to creative thinking and team work.

Making it safe

Social innovation learning should be underpinned by values of human rights, fairness and respect. A Guide supports young people to explore sometimes sensitive and controversial issues in a safe, responsible and respectful way. 

Shelly Whelan, Teacher and YSI Guide
"I am incredibly inspired by the students I have had the honour of mentoring this year for YSI. I feel that I have gained immensely from engaging with this project and have learned so much from them just by letting them take the lead and helping them reach their full potential."
Shelly Whelan, Teacher and YSI Guide