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Turn on the Flood Rights

Turn on the Flood Rights

Ursuline Secondary School, Thurles, Co. Tipperary


The Idea

The aim of this project is to raise awareness and try to reduce gender inequality in the GAA. The project team hopes to reduce sexism in sport, particularly in the lives of young children.

The Action

The project team believes that with the help of both girls and boys, gender equality in the GAA is an achievable goal. They chose this social issue because it affects their daily lives. For example, in a local club, despite the fact that boys and girls pay an equal membership fee, boys are given full access to the floodlights whether they’re training or playing a match, girls do not receive this “luxury”. They must train in the dark and are only given the “privilege” of turning on the floodlights when playing a match. This has motivated the project team to undertake this project and put a stop to inequality.

The team contacted politicians, sporting figures, equal rights activists and the media to raise their concerns about the inequality they have faced. These figures include Enda Kenny TD, President Michael D. Higgins, Katie Taylor and Emma Watson.

The project team have worked with the media to raise awareness of the issue, on a local and national level. They have rallied to have equal press coverage granted to female sport.

The Impact

The group has raised the profile of camogie in their area, and has engaged in important conversations with local media and the Tipperary Camogie Board. In the future they hope to achieve equal rights for girls in the GAA. The project team members have visited primary schools and plan to hold a debate with local boys’ secondary schools to raise awareness of the issue. Their aim is to teach both boys and girls alike that equality is a right in every aspect of life, sport is no exception.

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