Goal Image

We hope to make an app that is user friendly and can be used by all types of people so that anyone who needs can access the the resources we are providing. We also want to find the right company and package deal for each customer so as to meet their needs.

Our Social Issue

The social problem our team has to chosen to address is the rising costs of energy (gas and electricity)

The Energy Cut

Why We Chose It

We choose this social issue because we have seen that in our local area people are struggling with the sky high prices of everything especially with energy prices. We have seen adults complaining amongst themselves that they are struggling to pay there electricity, gas or oil bills. We wanted to act upon this to help people save their money and show them that there are cheaper offers on the market for them so they don’t overpay on other offers.

Our Goal

Our idea is about helping others to save there money as especially during this everything is very expensive and sometimes it is hard to choose the right thing. We want to make it easier for people to choose the best energy provider that suites them the best. We decided to help them by making a website and then an app that displays the prices of electricity, gas and oil from lowest to highest price from different Irish providers. We made it very clear and vivid so that user can easily see the best offers.

Our Impact

We made a positive impact on the many people who have found out about our website and app. It especially has a positive impact on the local area like our neighbours and staff in our school as it will help them to pay less for their energy bills and it will help them to choose the best energy providers that will fit their needs as they will have everything they need in one neat place to choose from.