Goal Image

We wish to address the problem of Homelessness and how it can happen to anyone. We also want to focus on any pets a homeless person might have as often they are forgotten. We hope to change the reputation of homeless people and to get rid of the stigma surrounding this issue. We also hope to inform others about this issue.

Our Social Issue


Why We Chose It

Our YSI group would like to be able to make a difference to the problem of homelessness. Firstly, we plan on spreading awareness to people. We will achieve this by telling people how homelessness truly can happen to anyone regardless of your life. For example, our group is creating a presentation and talk where we will discuss celebrities who have dealt with homelessness in the past. We believe this truly gets the point across. Finally, we would like to be able to help the homeless by providing food and other necessities to help the homeless.

Our Innovative Action

We gathered information on celebrities who were homeless before becoming famous, then we made a wall outside the classroom showing pictures of the celebs and information on their time on the streets. We are preparing for our class talk in the ysi speakout. We have reached out to many organizations who are a part of tackling the growing homeless population. We have spoken to two different first year groups about our project with a slideshow on PowerPoint discussing how anyone can be homeless no matter who they are or how they are brought up. We used examples like Jennifer Lopez,

Our Impact

Our class has made a positive difference by making posters and putting them all over the wall outside our ysi room door, the posters that we made included celebrities that have been homeless or have struggled before they became famous, this includes Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, jennifer lopez, charlie chaplin dr. Phil. Our class has also made a powerpoint about homelessness and went to younger years to talk to them about the serious issue of it around the world, our teacher has also heard people comment on the posters saying the information was new to them so it