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Goal Image

We want supporters and players to have more respect for referees. Is it a tough job referring a football match an it must be a lot harder if the referees feel disrespected and intimidated by players and supporters. Our aim is to create a positive atmosphere on and off the pitch and an environment where referees feel safe and valued as they do their job.

Our Social Issue

Our project aims to highlight the lack of respect shown towards referees in GAA. We hope to raise awareness and try to combat this issue by advertising it at matches. We would like to promote peaceful and inclusive matches where everyone feels respected.

Respect the whistle

Why We Chose It

We chose this issue because we all love playing sport, we are involved with football and hurling teams. We have family members who are referees and we don't want them suffering from abuse. They often think of stopping refereeing games as it leads to angry crowds, verbal abuse and abuse online after games. Some of our group have done the referee course and we don't want to be victims of this unfair treatment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate people about how referees suffer when we give out, call them names and curse at them on the pitch. We know that referees are so vital in sport and they are the people who will ensure fair play and make sure the game runs fairly and smoothly.

Our Innovative Action

We would like to promote the referee course in our school and get as many students as we can engaged in the course. We wold like to make a poster that we can bring to games and show people that we have respect for referees. We would like referees to come to our school and share their experiences with us.

Our Impact

We are aiming to make a difference by educating young people on the importance of respect especially towards referees in sports. We are a group f young footballers and hurlers and we love the sport, however we feel it can be ruined by the lack of respect shown by supporters and players towards referees. Hopefully this project will show people the importance of respect and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.