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Ensure that everyone in the school knows where the AED units are and how to use them if needed. We also want to map all the AED units in our catchment area and ensure that they are in full working order.

Our Social Issue

Mapping the location of AED in the local area and promoting healthy hearts.

Why We Chose It

The reason we chose this social issue was based on a day we had a talk about First Aid and the speakers were unable to access the AED in our school as it was in the office and the office was locked at lunch time. We realised that this was not a good situation and therefore set off to get the AED moved and find out about the other AEDs in the school catchment area.

Our Goal

Our main goal was to make people aware of where the AED is located in our school and to change the location of the AED from the office which can be locked at times to as area that was accessed all the time. We also contacted people in the local area that are responsible for AEDs in the community settings near our school - in the main catchment areas of the school. We also hope to inform people in areas of keeping healthy and maintaining a healthy heart.

Our Innovative Action

We have moved the AED in the school. We have put up posters to show all the students where the AED is located. We have contacted the local contacts for each AED to ensure that they are maintained. We have put up posters and given talks about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy heart.

Our Impact

We have ensured that if the AED is needed in the school that everyone can access it and that they know where they are located. We have raised awareness around the location of AEDs in the community. We have informed students about the importance of staying healthy and keeping active to make sure no health issues arise in the future.