Goal Image

Our goals are; 1.Start a conversation about men's mental health 2. Make young men aware of the impact of suicide 3. Share supports for young men 4. Create an open and understanding environment for meaningful conversations 5. Encourage people to FIND THE LIGHT if they are struggling

Our Social Issue

Mental Health and the high statistics of Male Suicide in Ireland

Why We Chose It

Men's Mental Health and Suicide has been a problem for generations, and while we are now talking more about mental health, we feel lots more needs to be done! We all have mental health, and we all struggle at times, but we feel passionate about helping men to know when to seek help and most importantly, not to be embarrassed about it! We are eager to raise awareness and empower people to FIND THE LIGHT

Our Goal

Our BIG idea is to make Men's Mental Health a priority! We don't want anyone to be another statistic when it comes to suicide. We believe we can make a difference!!! We want to educate, empower and encourage people to FIND THE LIGHT. We want to make supports accessible and to open up this meaningful and important conversation! We want to be a guide for younger generations to know when to seek how and how to get that help in time!

Our Innovative Action

1. Researched our social issue 2. Looked into events that raise awareness 3. Looked at how the current curriculum covers Mental Health and Suicide 4. Spoke to teachers 5. Reached out to organisations 6. Looked up videos, documentaries, tik toks that deal with this social issue

Our Impact

We have 1. Raised awareness into Suicide Rates among Men 2. Provided supports for people to use in future 3. Started a meaningful conversation about Men's Mental Health 4. Hopefully encouraged people to FIND THE LIGHT, now or in the future