Goal Image

The goal of my project is to educate people about the dangers of feeding wild animals.

Our Social Issue

Many people feed wild animals without thinking about the potential damage they are causing to the animals themselves, to farmers, to domestic animals and poultry. The risk of diseases spreading between wild and domestic animals is one of the reasons this is a problem. Another is the change in the behaviour of wild animals who become unafraid of human presence. Also, being fed stops them from hunting their natural prey which has a knock on effect on the natural habitat and environment. I wanted people to know more about the issue because I believe that people who feed animals feel they are doing the right thing but that is not always the case.

Sligo Sudbury School - Why not feed wildlife

Who We Worked With

I worked with my Gaisce PAL, Maura Duignan during my project, and had a meeting with the local YSI co-ordinator Angela Horgan to talk about it. I did all of the research online and in conversation with students at my school.

How We Communicated

I told my Gaisce PAl about my project and worked with her to develop my idea. I plan to share the information I have learned with my school community and to share it on facebook and instagram of my school.

Our Innovative Action and Impact

I created an infographic using Canva. I hope to raise public awareness through sharing on social media and creating a poll to ask people if the infographic changed how they interact with wild animals.