Goal Image

To educate young people on the dangers and risks of gambling, in particular online gambling.

Our Social Issue

I chose to research the issues and affects of gambling. Early into my research i discovered that a lot of gamblers who've sought the help of various gambling associations began gambling when they were very young, between 14-17. In note of this I chose to focus more on young people's relation to gambling rather on gambling in a whole itself. I feel that educating young people on the risks of gambling is important as they may not begin to gamble in the first place.

Who We Worked With

I worked with my mentor Maura a lot on the planning of this project and meeting with a member of the YSI team to inform her also of what I am planning. I also worked with my friend Sean on the filming of shots for my film as well as some of the editing of it.

How We Communicated

I've told my mentor Maura about my project and what i plan on doing. I also told my personal friend Sean about my project as he has a background of film making as well as editing which is useful as this is my first project of this sort so a little bit of assistance and advice always good to have.

Our Innovative Action and Impact

I got in touch with a number of different organisations such as jigsaw, the rutland centre, gamblers anon etc. to find out about gambling in young people, how many of their clients present with this problem, and what kind of services are available to young people. I discovered that there are no services for young people with gambling issues, and that it is not recognised as a problem by VHI and Healthcare services as it is not a physical problem. As this is an invisible issue I decided to make a video to raise awareness of this issue and draw attention to it. I made a short video outlining the risks and dangers of gambling, in particular online gambling, and the prevalence of this issue. I plan to share the video on social media platforms and seek feedback through a poll.