Goal Image
Goal Image

The goal our our first ever YSI project is to reach out and help support some young adults and children who are homeless with their basic but necessary personal care products. The group want to help give young adults some of the more expensive but necessary products, these items might be what homeless children cannot afford, we can help them out and provide some of the products for them.

Our Social Issue

We chose the social issue of homelessness in our local area of Dublin 4. The change we wanted to see was that homeless people would be provided with some personal hygiene items that form part of their basic needs. We chose this social issue because our school is located in the city centre which is unfortunately suffering from a high number of homelessness cases.

Who We Worked With

We worked with the well-reputable charity Focus Ireland who guided us throughout our project to determine the best supplies to provide to children in need. We worked closely with our YSI facilitator Naomi Wardle who supported and helped us to bring the project together and direct us on a more specific path to work with a particular age group.

How We Communicated

Initially, we shared our ideas of the project with teachers and fellow students in the school. Once we began fundraising for our project, we spread the word of our intentions to help the homeless with the Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire, Rathdown and Booterstown community. We held a raffle whereby our local businesses donated prizes to aid our fundraiser and word spread of our project.

Our Innovative Action and Impact

The actions we took to make a change to the social issue included: Raising awareness and funds to help purchase much needed supplies for the care packages Inform students in our school about the social issue to explain why this project was badly needed in the area. Informing local businesses of the positive impact of donating to our project and how it will help others.