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To raise awareness of the impact of Fast Fashion on the environment and of charity shops as a sustainable fashion source and to fundraise for St Vincent de Paul

Our Social Issue

The issue we tackled was what is now well known as 'Fast fashion'. We are concerned about the negative effects of fast fashion on our planet. We noticed how our own friends were buying cheap clothing and wearing only a few times before dumping. We wanted to highlight this issue and show what positive solutions were on offer .We also wanted to raise awareness within our school community of the facts and figures we learned. We wanted to highlight in a more positive light that shopping in charity shops is a more sustainable way to buy clothing. We wanted the students in our school to consider better options.

3rd Years Pop-up shop project

Who We Worked With

We worked with St Vincent de Paul. They picked clothing that they thought would appeal to our age group and brought it to the school. They helped us to price the clothing we had gathered from donations and arrange it on the day of the shop. They also helped us with a mannequin and a rail for displaying clothing. The staff & students in the school were also an integral part of this project as they supplied us with clothing and then bought different clothing from us as well as engaging with our information posters and displays.

3rd Years Pop-up shop project

How We Communicated

We focused our project on the staff and students of the school. We thought the best way to convince them would be to show them so organised a second hand pop up shop in one of the classrooms . This classroom was attached to the assembly area with a sliding door so the perfect place to become very visible to the whole school. We talked to the manager in St Vincent de Paul and asked her to get involved in showing charity shops as an option for students to buy clothes. She was very interested and supportive of our project. We asked staff & students to donate clothing for our shop. We got a great response.

3rd Years Pop-up shop project

Our Innovative Action and Impact

Our pop up shop was our main event, both for raising funds for St Vincent de Paul and for promoting pre loved clothing as a sustainable option for students to consider wearing. We thought if we only convince one student to look to pre loved fashion in the future that it would have been a success! Working with a charity shop and with donations we received we were able to dress one of our class in head to toe preloved clothes. She looked great and was so impressed herself that she bought the outfit herself. We had facts and figures displayed at the shop so students could think about the impact of unethical produced poor quality clothing

3rd Years Pop-up shop project