My YSI Work Experience

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About me

My name is Isobel and I am a student from the Teresian School, I recently did my work experience in YSI.

Living in such strange times meant I only two days in the office and the other three online but it did not affect my great experience. On campus I got to meet some of the team, who were all so lovely. It was an honour to be able to speak to the CEO, Rachel Collier.

Learning about the journey of YSI was empowering. I was very excited to start in YSI. Their aim “Because young people can change the world”, is very important to me as a young person.


Even though my school do not particate in YSI, I really hope they do so in the future. I think it should be a compulsory as a student growing up in Ireland.

My Work Experience

I am particularly interested in communications. Sara and Bronagh both presented to me information on that topic in according to YSI. Sara my mentor also assigned me a few tasks. I was kept busy and learnt so many things from these tasks. I got the chance to present my ideas to Rachel, Bronagh and Sara, from a teenager’s eyes about their social medias. I got to listen in on the team meeting, it was so interesting to understand how every single person on the team has such an important role.

One of my tasks included packing and sending out the School of Excellence Awards.
One of my tasks included packing and sending out the School of Excellence Awards.

Sara and I kept in contact often about my tasks and she helped me whenever. It was great to partake in the Digital Youth Advisory Panel because I heard so many ideas from other young people that I would never have thought of. We got to discuss ideas on how YSI could help, support and expand group projects, how to help young people tackle the issues and how to get young people to hear of YSI.

I really enjoyed my time at YSI and it was a valuable experience that taught me the value of social innovation.