Research from Amárach and YSI highlights what Gen Z in Ireland think about their future

Young Social Innovators (YSI) teamed up with Amárach Research to conduct a study on Generation Z (Gen Z) in Ireland. They wanted to know what Gen Z think about the future, and the results are pretty interesting.

Firstly, a massive 78% of Gen Z want to have a say in shaping the policies and plans that will shape your futures. You’re not just sitting back and letting others decide for you; you want to be part of the conversation.

Over half of you (53%) think that 16-year-olds should have the right to vote in Ireland. You believe that your voices should be heard, and age shouldn't be a barrier to having a say in Ireland’s future! 🗳️

80% of you think that the Leaving Cert doesn't prepare you for your future

YSI Gen Z Index

Anxiety and Cost of Living 

When it comes to what your anxious about, the rising cost of living is a huge worry with 79% of you concerned about it. Speaking of the future, financial security is another anxious topic for Gen Z. 30% you believe that having a stable income is the biggest sign of a successful life in the future. Understandably, you want to be able to support yourself and be comfortable!

As with many Irish generations, 43% of Irish Gen Zs are thinking about emigrating in the future. This is a decrease from previous years, but it still shows that plenty of you are considering prospects outside of Ireland.

Doing Something you Love is a must for a Career choice 

When it comes to education, a massive 80% of you think that the Leaving Cert doesn't prepare you for your future careers or adulthood. Gen Z feel there is too much emphasis on Academica and university skills rather than practical skills. 

When it comes to careers, doing something you love is a top priority for nearly half of you (48%). You want jobs that make you happy and fulfilled. Interestingly, salary isn't the most important factor for Gen Z. Only 7% of us consider it a top career consideration. We care more about work-life balance and finding meaning in our work. This is an interesting contrast between wanting financial security!

Not much Confidence towards Ireland's Climate Goals

Not surprisingly, 78% of you are worried about climate change, and over half (51%) don't think Ireland will achieve its climate goals in the next 20 years. Your concerned about the environment and want to see more action from the government, companies, and even citizens. 

43% of Irish Gen Zs are thinking about emigrating in the future.

YSI Gen Z Index

At YSI, we have worked closely with Ireland's young people for the past 21 years. Gen Z's participation in YSI projects shows us how resilient, determined, and action-oriented they are. From this research, we believe that Gen Z is not a generation that will sit by and watch the world implode. It is encouraging to see all the critical initiatives they commit to improving their outlook and that of our country and the world.

The future is bright! 👏