Research from Amárach and YSI finds out what Gen Z in Ireland are thinking about.

New research conducted by Amárach Research and Young Social Innovators (YSI) have some major findings about Gen Z, in Ireland. They surveyed over a thousand of Gen Zs to figure out what you're dealing with and what you’re worried about in the future. Here's what they found:

Mental Health Matters

It turns out that depression and anxiety are the biggest issues we're facing, according to a huge 68% of us. That's a massive increase of 113% since 2019! You're also stressed out (26%) and feeling down (21%). Sadly, the positive feelings are very low with only 7% feeling motivated and a measly 5% feeling enthusiastic. 😢

Mood of the Generation

Gen Z is described as "anxious" by 32% of you. Anxiety is running high these days. Stress is also a big factor (26%), and some of you feel depressed (21%). Only 7% of Gen Z feel motivated now, and a pitiful 5% are still feeling the excitement. Hopefully that will come back soon! 🤞

“Young people in Ireland have spent more of their lives in unprecedented times than precedented times over the last number of years and this is reflected in the findings. The Irish youth population has identified employment and finances as worries for their future which is unsurprising given the impact of the pandemic on so many industries. This must only be added to by the recent discussions about the rising costs of living and the supply issues that are contributing to these, with no clear end in sight.

Dr. Colman Noctor, Gen Z Index

Needless to say, the findings of this study make for very worrying reading. As digital natives, Generation Z has access to more information than ever, but the flip side of this reality is that they are consistently exposed to a barrage of stress and anxiety inducing issues that are having a profoundly negative effect on their mental well-being.

Rachel Collier, YSI Co-Founder

Future Worries

Thinking about the next 20 years, you guys have a lot of concerns. The biggest worry is the cost of living (79%), and climate change is a close second (78%). You're also concerned about inequality (44%), poverty and hunger (41%), war and violence (38%), and global food shortages (33%). And of course, we hate to mention it, another pandemic (26%) and technology taking over  our jobs (18%). As well as social unrest and losing control of your personal data (28%). There’s a lot that is causing concern!

Money Matters

Around 30% of you think that financial security is the key to a successful future life, which makes sense as the cost of living is Gen Z’s biggest fear!

Silver Linings

There is some good news amongst the research, I promise! Compared to 2019, there are a few things that have improved. Concerns about drugs and alcohol have dropped from 48% to 33%. And cyberbullying is less of a problem now, down by 50%.