Spread The Word. Press and Publicity for Your Social Issue!

A great way of bringing attention to the social issue you are addressing and gaining support for your idea is to bring it to the attention of the media. Having your story featured in a local newspaper or on local radio is a wonderful way of letting your community know about what you are doing and why it is important. If you have a message that you think people will be interested in or need to hear, why not reach out to your local press? Journalists love stories that are interesting, topical and local. But how you approach a journalist with a potential story is important.

This toolkit includes tips on how to use the power of PR to fine-tune your message and contact press in your local area! 

At YSI, we are big fans of Zara King from Virgin News; as one of the country's leading journalists and news reporters, Zara has some serious experience of breaking news and groundbreaking stories that have rocked the Irish news cycle. Our friend and filmmaker Seán Treacy had a chat with Zara King about pitching to the press. Check out the video below to find out everything young people need to know about pitching to the press.

Pitching To Press With Zara King 

I was always into humanitarian stories. I love going out to people's houses and having the chats with them; it's my favourite thing to do. At the end of the day, they are the people who turn on the news or buy a newspaper — it's important to listen!

Zara King - Virgin Media News Journalist


Key messages can act as a guide to help inform your press release and also prepare answers to any questions you might be asked by a journalist or radio presenter following a successful media outreach. You might be asked about Young Social Innovators, for example, and about your social issue and project.

Key Messages About Your Project

You’ll need to figure out the best way to speak about your project to any press contacts you make.
Try to answer the following questions:

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