Changing the World with Social Media 📲

When you think of social media, social innovation might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Maybe, like most of us, you’re thinking of connecting with your friends and family or just scrolling through in search of good content or inspiration. But did you know that social media can also be used to change the world for good?

Social media and the digital sphere play a massive role in our everyday lives, impacting how we do and think about things. While its role in our lives is often described as negative, affecting our mental health and attention spans, social media can be used as a tool for positive change around us. Let’s explore that further.

One of the greatest advances in society brought by social media is our ability to connect easily with individuals around the world. This insight into how other people live creates a greater sense of empathy towards others, a characteristic that allows us to emotionally participate, understand, relate and value the core elements that make us all members of the human race.

Julio Frenk & Octavio Gomez-Dantes

The Power of Communication 💬

Communication is key. We’ve all heard it. As cliche as it sounds, this saying has a lot of truth. When you have an idea to implement in your local community or want to show your disapproval of what is happening around you, you first need to think about communicating this with others. Social media gives you a platform to share your message with a broader audience, sometimes even those who would not be reachable easily in real life. It can help you raise awareness, reach more people and amplify your message.

While adding other, more traditional forms of communication is always a good idea, social media channels allow instant communication, sharing information in real-time and without the feeling that you’re overwhelming people with information. In other words, you can share your ideas more often and without the worry of oversharing.

Better Together 🤲

Another great advantage of using social media is that it opens the door to creating online communities and collaborating with others. Maybe you will find another group of young activists working on similar social issues and connect with them to share tips and ideas. Or join someone else for an Instagram live to talk about the topics that matter to you and your ideas for a better world? Once you connect with others through social media, you open up the possibility of collaborating with people who share similar ideas, experiences and goals.

A Space For Everyone 👋

Social media platforms are a space for everyone. This means that your ideas, opinions and solutions to the social issues around you are welcome in that space. It works the same way for others in that space, allowing them to discover and interact with your content. Use this for your own benefit! Post your message, idea, or campaign and let it grow, and spread among a wide audience.