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Do something Great - Invest in Social Innovation
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This is a time of great transition in our social, economic, and environmental systems, which demands innovative ideas, new ways of working, and a focus on impact. Youth play a crucial part in driving societal progress, they are
the ones who will inherit the challenges and opportunities of the future, making it essential to involve them in shaping policies and decisions that affect their lives.

A recent report revealed that jobs of the future will demand
260% more innovation skills than jobs of the past which are likely to face automation. However, 65% of CIOs report that they are experiencing an innovation skills shortage. In the interim, most companies are using
consultants and outsourcing tasks to fill the gaps and support innovation, but this is ultimately a temporary fix as the pressure to innovate will only increase.

This partnership highlights the importance of collaboration between industry leaders and youth organisations in addressing challenges of climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Michael Mahon, EirGrid Chief Infrastructure Officer

Young Social Innovators offers a solution to this skills gap shortage, the YSI Activate Programme stimulates innovation and learning through competition and prepares young people for the future of work. As part of the
application process, young people are encouraged to think of innovative solutions to society’s biggest issues, from tackling pollution, mental health, racial injustice and LGBT rights. If their idea is shortlisted after the Speak-out
Roadshow, they have the chance to apply for funding from our Innovation Fund and work with expert mentors from the business and tech world to develop their ideas.

We have already seen some amazing concepts turn into reality including the LED light shower, which reminds people to conserve water when showering, a missing persons awareness campaign which has evolved into
National Missing Persons Day, and last year’s winners were from ‘the Holy Family School for the Deaf’ who created a 10-week programme to teach sign language to young people to increase understanding, inclusion and deaf
people’s confidence in the hearing world. Their voices bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to the table on these important issues and help create change and a better society for everyone.

​If we have learned anything during the global pandemic we have experienced, it is that great challenges can only be overcome by working together. If you are interested in fostering a culture of innovation to create a positive and sustainable change - in society, we offer opportunities to support our work and collaborate with young people from all walks of society. Please get in touch