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Why Youth Voice Matters

What does Adam Harris,  Saoi O Connor, Beth Doherty, Iseult Ward & Aoibheann O Brien, Jack Dooley, Obi Lawal, Siona Cahill, Megan Sims, Alannah O Neil, Megan Berry, Buelehaln Mfaco, Robbie Lawlor, Sharon Nolan, Diane Ihirwe, Mary-Kate Slattery, Mamobo Ogoro, Emily Larkin, Grace Alice O Shea all have in common?  

They are young activists and entrepreneurs fighting for justice and peace, climate activists, and food waste heroes, they fight for racism, prejudice and sexual abuse, promote body positivity and mental health awareness, help people with disabilities get paid work and encourage access to education for young people in the traveller community. 

They are Ireland’s Young Change Makers and the power of their voice should not be underestimated

The past few years have highlighted the large number of young people seeking answers and solutions to issues that will have a massive impact on their lives and the lives of future generations. They are also the first to have grown up with social media and use it to gather support from their peers.  They are passionate and determined when it comes to causes they believe in, such as mental health, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights and when it comes to the task of advancing sustainable development, there are arguably few more important voices than those of young people.

Their voices bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to the table on these important issues but also help create change and a better society for everyone.

Young Social Innovators empowers and motivates young people with the skills and resources to develop innovative solutions to the things that matter in their lives and communities.  Our programmes cultivate a mindset of empathy, creativity and resilience, preparing young people to be active contributors to positive societal change.

Gen Z is set to become the largest generation within the working population, this demographic shift brings a critical need for businesses to better understand the needs of young people to bring about a more inclusive and equitable society of all.

At Young Social Innovators we work with partners across all sectors of business supporting them to understand and incorporate youth voices in decision-making processes that directly affect young people, by acknowledging their ideas, concerns and belief that their voice matters, a more forward-thinking and vibrant environment is fostered.  

If you are interested in learning more about  the impact of our work and supporting young people to create a better future, please contact Suzanne

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