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Youth voice matters, it is highly important in democracy, it matters in continuing to build coherent and fair societies, it matters to  underrepresented opinions, addressing inequality and social unrest, and when it comes to the task of advancing sustainable development, there are arguably few more important voices that those of young people.

Young people are well informed,  have strong opinions, they know how to influence others.  They bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and unique approaches to every area of life, they see the world through the lens of possibilities rather than problems  infusing vision and vitality into their communities. 

We work with partners across diverse sectors, supporting them to better understand and involve the voice of youth  as a source of value to business.  As more young people enter the workforce, Gen Z is set to become the largest generation within the working population, this demographic shift brings a critical need for business to better understand the needs of young people, an embrace new perspectives and ideas. 

Become a Corporate Partner

We are offering a unique-in-market sponsorship opportunity for forward-thinking brands who believe in the unconstrained thinking and energy of our young people to build a more sustainable world.

We need business  to be part of the YSI  journey by being dragons at the Den, being a mentor for school-based social enterprise, sponsoring our programmes, awards and celebration events or supporting the next stage of the journey funding our  social impact fund.   We also work with our partners and young people to develop  custom events to garner insights and opinions on society and their future.

Working in partnership with us not only helps to meet social responsibility objectives but are developed to enlist the  leadership team, motivate employees and   build support in the communities in which you operate, while supporting a positive PR and brand profile.

We rely on our corporate partners to work with us to affect significant and meaningful change to the educational landscape and help to create brighter futures for for young people from all walks of life. We engage closely with our partners to develop efficient funding arrangements and the delivery  and  evaluation outcomes.
If you would like to find out more about partnering with us please contact our partnership team today.

YSI came to us with a real clear vision and plan for the youth of Ireland. We were inspired by that and we wanted to support it.

Anne O'Leary, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Ireland

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