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About Us
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Social Innovation Education

Social innovation involves the creation and development of solutions that improve the wellbeing of people, communities and the environment. 

Through YSI, students are brought together to co-design and create new solutions to social problems facilitated by trained educators (YSI Guides). Learning is youth-led, field-based and action-focused.

Social innovation education gives students the space, time and tools needed to explore complex issues and to develop, test and adapt ideas to achieve positive social change. Skills are developed through applied practice as students roll out their ideas in a real world context before reflecting and reporting on their impact.

Young Social Innovators is at the forefront of this education and its Social Innovation Learning Framework has been used by thousands of educators to facilitate action-based learning with young people.

YSI Social Innovation Learning Framework

Never before has this type of education been more critical as we face new and ever emerging social challenges.

Social innovation education benefits everyone: students, educators, communities, and societies as it helps us realise our own capacity to respond in creative ways to the challenges we face locally, nationally and globally.

Social innovation education prepares young people for a rapidly changing world and gives them a sense of control over how that future is shaped.

Social Innovation Education Action Programmes

Available at Junior and Senior Cycle