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YSI Schools of Excellence Award

The YSI School of Excellence plaque recognises the resilience and commitment of young people, staff and management to social innovation education and to building a fairer, inclusive and more equal world. 
Plaques are awarded free of charge to schools and organisations as part of our Schools of Excellence Programme when they meet one of the following criteria:

The Social Innovation School Awards scheme was developed in association with our public partners in Ireland:  the Departments of Rural and Community Development; Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth; Education and Skills as well as WorldWise Global Schools and the Health Service Executive.

Our Schools Network

Hundreds of schools throughout Ireland have already joined our schools' network and discovered the benefits of youth-led social innovation education.

Members of our schools network share a common purpose:
- To develop young people as social innovators and entrepreneurs
- To advance the learning and practice of social innovation and entrepreneurship education amongst teachers
- To build character and self-belief in young people through social awareness and innovation
- To create a more fairer, more equal and respectful society

Members of our schools network share common values:
- Youth-led civic and social innovation
- Caring, co-operating, communicating and creating change for the good of the community
- Valuing the voice and opinions of young people
- Human rights, equality, inclusion, respect and fairness

Members of our schools network can gain access to:
- YSI Training workshops for teachers
- YSI Training workshops for young people
- YSI Social Innovation Action Programme (Junior and Senior)
- YSI School Accreditation System
- YSI Resources, Supports and Mentorship