YSI Design for Change

YSI Design for Change
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Programme Structure

During this engaging four-part programme students will be encouraged to develop their curiosity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills to address problems in their community. Together they will take action on their ideas and showcase their social innovation project with others. Finally, pupils will reflect and report on their work in creative ways.

Programme Part Description
Introduction Children are introduced to the Design for Change programme and are shown how children just like them around the world have made the world a better place to live in for themselves and others.
FEEL Empathize to identify and understand a social problem/issue/challenge. Children are invited to look at the world around them, think about what bothers them about their own environment and identify something they want to change.
IMAGINE Designing/thinking of a way to make things better. Children think of ways to make things better, to make a difference to the issue that bothers them. After thinking through and testing their ideas, they select one idea. They then create an action plan and timeline to help them complete their social innovation project and reach their goals.
DO Collaborate to Turn Ideas into Action. Children work as part of a team to implement their action plan and record their journey.
SHARE Share your Story - Inspire Hope and Gain Support. Children share their work with their school, family, friends, local community, and a global community. They reflect on their social innovation project to see what worked well, what could be improved and what they have learned.

Each programme part is support is supported with teaching resources and fun classroom activities to support active learning and engagement.