YSI International Awards Programme

YSI International Awards Programme
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This Programme is available to post primary schools outside Ireland who want to enhance their student and teacher skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and support an ethos of value based innovation and youth voice in their school community. 

Who's it for?

The Programme is designed to support educators in post-primary schools internationally, helping them to engage their students (13-19 years) in social innovation education and action and to turn their ideas for change into action with real social impact.

Duration 40 hours approximately. Note: this can be adjusted up and down, depending on time available.
Dates Apply to participate by completing this Expression of Interest Form before September 30th 2022. School places on this programme are limited each year.
Cost Fee applies per school on application.

About the Programme

This Programme is designed for schools and educators who want to create opportunities for their students in post-primary education to contribute to social change and develop a wide range of new skills. It engages them in social innovation learning and practice and empowers them to create real and meaningful social change.

Students become part of a wider community of change makers and social innovators which is made up of thousands of teenagers across the globe. Furthermore, it gives young people the opportunity to engage with and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Educators in Lebanon join together in YSI IAP training
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The Programme includes educator training and quality online resources, packed with activities and ideas for educators and students.

Students work in teams to identify the social issues they care about, consider social changes they would like to see, and put in place new and innovative ideas to bring about this social change.

The Programme allows students to engage in problem solving and apply their learning to the social issues that concern them. It helps to amplify student voice and agency, giving young people a chance to influence the communities they live in.

The learning is youth-led, with teams guided by a trained educator or adult mentor who helps them on their journey, creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.

It links the school community to a network of schools engaged in social innovation education, giving access to a unique wealth of experience.

How it is Delivered

The Programme is facilitated by educators in post-primary level education, who offer encouragement, support, and advice to help teams of students reach their full potential. 

Supported by teacher training and worldclass resources, the Programme builds resilience and wellbeing and promotes youth participation, youth voice, and community volunteering.

Learning is youth-led and action-based. Participation builds 21st-century skills such as: critical thinking and ideation, communication and advocacy, design-thinking and planning, literacy, numeracy, and computational skills, teamwork, value-based learning and knowledge around social change, sustainable living and global citizenship.

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How it Works


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