Social Innovation Action Programme: Senior

Social Innovation Action Programme: Senior
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Programme Content

The Social Innovation Action Programme (Senior) is presented in five parts. Each part is supported with a range of classroom activities and resources provided under a number of sessions. All activities have clearly defined aims and learning intentions that are aligned with national curricula. Teachers are free to select which activities they feel would best benefit their particular students and projects..

Programme Part Description
Part 1: Introducing Social Innovation Students are introduced to the concept and meaning of social innovation. They examine global examples of innovation for social good and identify their own abilities to be social innovators.
Part 2: Explore & Create Students identify and explore social issues and work together to reach consensus on one they all care about. They collaborate to create a vision around the change they want to see and come up with an innovative idea to bring that vision to reality.
Part 3: Test & Adapt Students test their innovative idea to find out if it will work. Students use human-centred design and design for sustainable development to test and adapt their ideas.Through looking at examples of good and bad design, prototyping and field research, team
Part 4: Act & Reflect Having created a project plan using each team member’s unique skills, students work with others in their community to roll out their idea in a real world context. Whether it’s a product, a service, a facility or a campaign, teams will be encouraged to comm
Part 5: Conclude & Report Students reflect, evaluate and report on their work, submitting an online portfolio to YSI on which feedback and certification is provided.

Educator Resources

Each part of the programme is supported with easy to use, downloadable resources and classroom activities that educators can select and use depending on the needs of the team. A full suite of programme resources is accessed through the teacher’s dashboard.

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