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Staying Healthy and Safe

Staying Healthy and Safe

Ensuring that we can stay healthy and safe is a key part of tackling coronavirus in our local areas. Young people across the country have been sharing their ideas for how individuals and their communities can stay healthy and safe at this time.

• Hannah, 16, from Donegal, came up with the idea to support people and their communities to start socialising more as restrictions are gradually being lifted. She believes that people are hesitant to stay in touch at the moment and suggests that we could socialise while staying within guidelines.

• With a goal of addressing mental health issues as a result of recent restrictions, Caoimhe, 13, from Cork wants to create a website or app where young people can have video conferences with counsellors and therapists to talk about their problems with mental health that they face during the pandemic.

 •Aiming to promote physical activity whilst maintaining 2 metres distance between people, Laura, 16, from Dublin, shared her idea to create an app which alerts people to how close they are to others when out and about.

• Tara, 16, from Dublin, came up with the idea of creating a motivational app to help people of all ages stay well mentally and physically. Her idea is that everyday subscribers receive fun challenges to do at home or within the current restrictions. These challenges will help people to stay active and have a healthy and happy mindset.

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