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Andrei, Craig and Ilya, 15, Dublin

Andrei, Craig and Ilya, 15, Dublin

Andrei, Craig and Ilya, 15, Dublin

With their app BoundaryFinder, Andrei, Craig and Ilya hope to help people who are looking to travel during current restrictions, be it for exercise, to meet friends safely or to go for food etc. 

Their app has a range of features aimed at making life easier for people at this time.

They recognise the importance of the guidelines put in place by the government, and that they are there to keep us safe. They also thought it may be difficult for people to adhere to these guidelines if they are unsure of the radius within which they can exercise, whether or not their own boundary and their friends’ boundaries overlap or just what is available close to their homes.

BoundaryFinder is a free app that will be compatible with android and apple devices. By entering your location and the distance you may travel, the app creates a circle around the area within which you may travel. 

Features of the app:

  • BoundaryFinder will notify you when you approach the edge of the boundary 
  • It will notify you when you re-enter the boundary if you had exited
  • Logging in with your Facebook account allows you to see the areas within which your friends can travel. This feature will show you an overlap if one exists, where you can meet your friends. BoundaryFinder also offers tips on places you can visit, such as coffee shops or public parks, which are within your area.
  • Using the friends feature you can find places to meet up with friends, within the overlapping area.
  • It also allows you to plan where you want to go and search for it to see whether it is in your boundary.

The team has designed the look and feel of the app, how its interface will function, they’ve done market research and have planned and costed the project. They are now planning to create the cross-platform app and have already begun to think of additional features which could be added over time. 

Their wish is for BoundaryFrinder to have a positive impact on the lives of its users. In times like this, social contact is precious and they aim to make exercising, meeting friends and socialising as easy and safe as possible.

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Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI
"No idea is too big or too small and every idea is needed during this time of crisis"
Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI