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Brandon, 16, Sligo

Brandon, 16, Sligo

Brandon, 16, Sligo

Brandon has been busy at home helping those who, during the pandemic, are working so hard and need that extra bit of support.

Brandon learned that frontline workers and care providers were suffering from having to wear masks all the time, often secured with elastics that hurt behind the ears from extended wear. 

Frontline workers are giving so much of themselves to help halt the spread of Coronavirus, whether they are hospital or nursing home staff or those providing an essential service, and Brandon’s idea targeted these amazing people.

He has a 3D printer at home and so he set about designing a device to make masks more comfortable. The result is his wonderful mask holder.

The design features grips at each side which allowing for the elastic of the mask to be secured at a size comfortable for the user. This also means the elastic is not sitting behind the ears and so eliminates discomfort.

Below you can see Brandon's 3D printer set up on the left, a mask holder being worn in the centre and the range of colours he has produced on the right.

Not only do the mask holders provide relief to users, but they also include the beautiful message ‘Hero at Work’.

Brandon has been making and sending his mask holders to hospitals and care providers, free of charge, and has been receiving very positive feedback. 

We are thrilled to know lots of people have so far received and benefited from Brandon’s mask holders.

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Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI
"No idea is too big or too small and every idea is needed during this time of crisis"
Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI