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Megan, 16, Donegal

Megan, 16, Donegal

Megan, 16, Donegal

Megan’s idea for the #YSIOpenCall is focussed on the transition for children from pre-school to primary level. Her idea could apply also to children going from primary to secondary, or even from secondary to third level.

Drawing from personal experience, Megan had noticed that for her nephew, who will start primary school in the autumn, there would be no transitional period for him from pre-school. 

Pre-school teachers are unable to prepare children for the move, with all pre-schools closed, nor are the children able to visit their new schools at the moment. Parents may not know how to prepare their child for life in a new school with new people and a new structure. Megan acknowledges that the transition to a new school can be challenging even with the usual supports in place, so it may be more difficult during this time.

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She thinks that teachers are dealing with the current situation very well and are providing fantastic support to students, not only by keeping up to date with work but by checking in every now and then to make sure students are coping well. They cannot, however, help these new students who haven’t yet started in the school.

Megan’s idea is for an online resource pack to be designed for parents and guardians of children which could include: 

  • Information on how to prepare a child for school; 
  • Activities for the children; 
  • Virtual tours of the school; 
  • Introductions to teachers; 
  • A sample of the timetable and school rules

Megan thinks this would help people to prepare and take the fear out of the new school for the child.

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Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI
"No idea is too big or too small and every idea is needed during this time of crisis"
Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI