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Preventing the Spread

Preventing the Spread

We’re all working together to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in our community - following guidelines, staying at home and regularly washing our hands and surroundings all help to limit the spread. 

Young people answering the YSI Open Call to Teenagers have gone even further and are sharing their ideas to support their community to stop the spread of Covid-19 at this time!

• Shane, 17, from Kilkenny, came up with the idea to install plastic shields on to school desks so that social distancing can continue when schools reopen. He also suggests that social distancing be maintained by staggering the days students go to school and having fewer numbers to each class.

Lizzie, 17, from Donegal, shared her idea to create and promote a video which showed people how to make their own hand saniser at home. She believes this would be helpful for people at home disinfecting and help to stop the spread of the virus whenever they run out of hand sanitizer.

• Arohi, 15, from Dublin, submitted the idea to ensure shops and restaurants could stay on top of being virus-free by implementing regular slots for cleaning down surfaces that customers may be touching.

• Padraig, 15, from Waterford suggested promoting ‘mask culture’ to ensure everyone in society can get used to the notion of wearing face masks when required. He believes that this will limit the number of people who fall ill and could save thousands of lives.

• Also focused on encouraging good habits, Joe, 15, from Dublin, has shared his idea to promote the use of elbow bumps as alternatives to shaking hands in the long-term. He believes that we can stop the spread of cold, flu and virus by using elbow bumps both during the pandemic and beyond!

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Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI
"No idea is too big or too small and every idea is needed during this time of crisis"
Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI