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Sean, 16, Kerry

Sean, 16, Kerry

Sean, 16, Kerry

Sean wants to help address the economic and financial difficulties brought about by Covid-19 which may affect families’ ability to afford food and may even cause food shortages. He is also conscious of the ongoing impacts of climate change and wanted his idea to contribute to solutions to this as well.

Sean had already begun to grow vegetables in his own garden, with the support of his family, and he began to think that this simple act could have a wide range of benefits for everyone.

His idea for the #YSIOpenCall is to engage local councils and communities in Community Support Agriculture, Community Gardening Projects and Backyard Gardening. By providing people with the information and resources necessary to grow sustainable and local produce, they would not only be able to provide food for themselves, but also take the pressure off the demand for shop-bought produce.

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A large garden is not required to grow food, even the smallest space can be used for home gardening endeavours, and Sean believed that if people were provided with the support to learn how to start growing themselves, it could work in either an urban or rural household. 

His goal ultimately is to create a contingency plan that will provide a reliable supply of food as well as relieving the financial stress within families as a result of job losses due to the pandemic.

Sean also feels it's a good way to bring communities together and improve people's mental wellbeing. It will give people the opportunity to grow for themselves, and potentially their neighbours and wider community, giving them a sense of achievement whilst also benefiting the environment.

Produce grown and consumed locally of course has zero air miles and can go from earth to table in no time at all.

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Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI
"No idea is too big or too small and every idea is needed during this time of crisis"
Rachel Collier, CEO and Co-founder, YSI